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Fully Automate Your Trading Portfolio with AI

No charts. | No technical analysis. | No manual trading.

Trade without lifting a finger

Automated Portfolio Management

Stop waiting for the market to move. Put the market to work for you with Lendal Copy.

Crafted Strategies

Not a marketplace of random, unvetted algos. Our professional traders craft our strategies.

Traditional & Crypto

Pick from both traditional assets and/or cryptocurrency based on your preferences. Traditional assets coming soon!

Portfolio Management

Let us manage your portfolio with Copy Essentials or Copy Complete for maximum power and minimum risk.

Paper Trading

Follow along on a strategy without risking any real money to see how our system performs.

Risk Management

We manage your risk for you algorithmically, ensuring each loss is as small as possible.

No Custody

Keep your funds in your brokerage or exchange account. We never take custody.